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Planning Permission Advice

Well,  it’s not as straight forward as many people think however, as a general rule, if you live in a semi-detached or terraced house, then you can build a conservatory up to the full width of your property and up to 3000mm out from the ORIGINAL BUILDING LINE at the rear of your property. In a detached house, same width applies but you can go out up to 4000mm.  Conservatories are defined as a building at least 50% glass or translucent material (i.e. Polycarbonate roof sheets). Conservatories on the sides or front of a property will usually need planning approval.

The recent talk around relaxing of planning permission, allowing bigger extensions.

This didn’t happen. The government wanted to double the size of extensions and conservatories allowed without the need for planning approval and thus taking a lot of work away from local government. Almost every local council in the country refused to accept this and the plan was therefore shelved. Some type of change is probably due but it won’t happen in the near future.

According to the Daily mail on 20/11/2012 there are new proposals being put forward for consultation, but don’t rush in and build something now hoping the white paper will go through because it probably won’t in its present form; although, the government does seem to be persistent on this to kick start the economy and building industry. Wait, even if the paper is approved, it won’t be in force until late 2013 at the earliest if at all. It is our opinion that the laws will be relaxed a little and the dimensions of conservatories allowed without planning approval will be increased by about 50%.

The best advice we can give is to ask our design staff who will give impartial advice and tell you what they think: planning approval required or not? we will have to visit your property to determine this.

Should it occour that you DO need permission, then don’t panic: we can take care of that for you too.

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