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Written by energyseal

Independent Quality Reports & Testimonials

All of our installations come with our own 10 year guarantee. By law, we have to offer an independent insurance policy to our customers free of charge. This guarantees our customers will have the peace of mind that they are fully insured with PWF. This means that you have complete peace of mind. HOWEVER, we could choose from hundreds of companies offering these policies, some charge us as little as £4.50 per policy ? What chance would you have of claiming from such a policy ? We think little chance.

We chose to insure our guarantee with the CONSUMER PROTECTION ASSOCIATION (thecpa.com)

They were amongst the most expensive policy for us to buy but the name says it all. We want our customers to know that we are a conciensious company who cares about its customers. The C.P A are on your side. ALWAYS. and here’s the good bit:_

They send you a form or Internet form which asks you to rate is in all  areas of our professionalism, from first contact to completion,  from excellent to poor. This is how they monitor and assess their risk and they send us the results quarterly in a chart.

If we were to be consistently average or bad, they would no longer insure us. YOU SHOULD SEE THE LATEST CHART OF CUSTOMER RATINGS THAY HAVE SENT US, EXCELLENT AND VERY GOOD, 100% WOULD RECOMMEND US. Call at our showroom and we will show it to you.