Written by energyseal

Refer a friend

Refer a friend or relative and we will send you a £50 Marks and Spencers voucher for any order over £1500 or a £25 voucher on any order under £1500.Almost ¾ of our business comes to us from recommendation , and as a gesture, we have decided that we should pay our customers for these potential customers details.

It is natural and human nature to ensure your friends and neighbours don’t waste their money on inferior products and service and we know they will value your opinion and thank you for recommending us.

All that we ask is that the person you are recommending is looking for windows, doors, conservatories or any associated PVC products.

We pay our customers £50.00 once the person recommended has had their product installed and paid the invoice.

We have a guideline figure of £1500 orders which warrant the £50.00 payment.

There is no limit to the amount of payments we can make to you for recommendations.